TAFCOM Children’s Center was established in February 2009 to
provide orphans and impoverished children with an encouraging
learning environment. Currently, more than 45 children,
between 3-6 years old, attend nursery school at the Children’s

Through nursery school children receive a basic education,
which prepares them for success in their primary education.
Children learn to speak, read and write in Kiswahili and English.
Children also learn math and other basic subjects. Through
activities children are encouraged to be creative and curious.
Physical activities, such as exercise and soccer, promote good

Upon completion of nursery school, we host a unique graduation
ceremony to celebrate their success and promote further
education. Most children that attend the TAFCOM Children’s
Center cannot afford to go to school, so TAFCOM looks to give
scholarships for school fees, supplies and meals to promising
young minds. To find out how you can help a child be educated,
click here.