The TAFCOM Children's Center was envisioned in early 2008
as a safe place where vulnerable children could come to learn
and play. The new building, completed in 2009, provides the
space necessary to properly accommodate the 45 children
currently enrolled in the nursery school program.

Prior to the completion of the new TAFCOM Center, children
were cramped in a small two-room building, which was just
large enough to accommodate 10 children.

In addition, this facility serves as a studio for the training of
tailoring group. It will also become an office for TAFCOM,
allowing the TAFCOM staff to be near the community they
serve and save on rental expense for offices, as well as a venue
for community gatherings and outreach seminars.

Having completed the first major step, TAFCOM now hopes to
construct a larger classroom in order to accommodate more
children. Moreover, TAFCOM plans to establish primary and
secondary schools of its own so as to guide the children
through their educational journey.

We are currently looking for donors to help contribute in
realising these projects.

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