Due to lack of education and misinformation, having
HIV/AIDS in Africa still comes with a stigma. Because of this
stigma most relatives, neighbors, friends and community
members shun those affected by HIV/AIDS. Unfortunately,
this is when their support is most needed.

Through our Home-Based Care program we endeavor to
restore hope for people living with HIV/AIDS. Home-Based
Care involves TAFCOM acting as the family, friend, and
community support of these individuals. We care for and
support these individuals.

We contribute to each HIV/AIDS affected person on an
individual basis. Our staff visits with each individual and/or
family and determines how best TAFCOM can assist.

Some ways in which TAFCOM provides assistance:
  • Counseling
  • Education
  • Medical (where and how to get treatment)
  • Legal (where and how to get legal aid)
  • Food
  • Clothes
  • Shelter
  • Financial
  • Micro-business start-up

TAFCOM visits and counsels 400 individuals who are affected
by HIV/AIDS. This provides them with the guidance and
support needed to manage the disease and lead dignified lives.

We are currently supporting 10 women with operating micro-
businesses to support their families. These women received
initial start-up capital from TAFCOM.