TAFCOM operates a tailoring program for local women. Many
of these women are uneducated single mothers who are
struggling to provide for their families. Through a six month
intensive tailoring class provided at a tailoring center, these
women gain the skills they need to work as a tailor or operate
a small tailoring businesses.

Currently there are 10 women enrolled in the tailoring
program. They learn to sew skirts, dresses, shirts, pants, hand
bags, purses and blankets. With these skills, the women are
able to generate income to provide food, clothing, shelter and
education for their children.

TAFCOM works with a local tailor to provide instruction so
there is a small fee charged to the women. In most cases, the
women cannot afford the fee so TAFCOM provides financial
support program to help support those ambitious individuals
who cannot afford school fees and necessary equipment.
Tailors in Tanzania are also expected to have their own sewing
machine so TAFCOM tries to provide equipment to the
women when necessary. To learn about how a small
contribution can help a woman and her family,
click here.

We also sell different products tailored by our Women's
Tailoring Group. The profit from these sales goes to the
tailors and the Women's Tailoring Group.