If you are interested in a hands-on Tanzanian experience, you've found the right organization. We are
looking for local and overseas volunteers that can help us in-country and abroad.

Committed to excellence, TAFCOM provides the best volunteer experience possible.  Volunteers work
together with locals to gain an understanding of the culture and positively impact the community.
Become part of the TAFCOM family and help build a brighter future for tomorrow.

Below are a list of current opportunities we have, but it is not necessary that you select a specific
opportunity or structure your volunteer opportunity prior to arriving in Tanzania. We encourage our
volunteers to be creative and develop their own projects while here. Please feel free to
contact us with
your ideas or questions.
Teach – be a teacher at our nursery school.
  • Description: You will work with kids between the ages of 3 to
    6. You will have the opportunity to teach English, math, and
    other basic subjects that will help the kids be prepared for
    primary school. Create learning activities that encourage the
    kids to be curious and creative.
  • Start Date: Rolling
  • Duration: 4 weeks or more

Fundraise – explore different opportunities for TAFCOM to
receive funding for its initiatives.
  • Description: Investigate and explore different methods of
    fundraising – grants, donations, and fundraisers – for
    TAFCOM to receive funds to work toward its mission.
  • Start Date: Rolling
  • Duration: 4 weeks

Outreach – educate the community on different issues affecting
their well-being
  • Description: work with TAFCOM staff and community
    leaders to determine issues affecting the families and
    communities TAFCOM serves. Deliver presentations,
    handouts, or other forms of announcements to those affected
    about how they can deal with these issues. Issues we have dealt
    with through outreach, include Spread of HIV/AIDS, Myths
    about HIV/AIDS, Nutrition, and Environment Conservation.
  • Start Date: Rolling
  • Duration: 4 weeks

Other opportunities can be setup based on needs of the community
and volunteer experience. We have had volunteers in the past work
on everything from the environment to organizational planning. If
you feel you can get involved, please don’t hesitate to
contact us.