TAFCOM (Tanzanian Organization Facilitating Community Development Projects)

With the hard work and dedication of the local communities along with our founders, board of directors, staff and volunteers many great outcomes have been reached for the communities.

Here are just a few of our milestones since 2005:

  • We have registered roughly 400 children to receive assistance as orphans and are actively supporting more than 120 of them.
  • In February 2009 we officially opened our Children’s Center
  • 35 children have benefited from the TAFCOM Children’s Center since it opened.
  • Over 10 women have taken part in our Tailoring program since it launched in 2008.
  • 10 women affected by HIV/AIDS established and operate their own small business.
  • Restoration of Lake Jipe, which is on the border of Tanzania and Kenya, in partnership with KONAM. Restoration of the lake reduced water contamination and mistreatment of the lake. This provided the surrounding communities with cleaner water, healthier fish, higher water levels, and increased production of water-generated power plant.
  • We have assisted hundreds of HIV/AIDS patients and orphans in the Moshi community. As a result, more individuals are leading healthy and dignified lives through education, healthcare and personal empowerment.

Through the work we have done we have affected the lives of hundreds of individuals and hope that number continues to grow exponentially. As a majority of our projects have benefited the Moshi area of the Kilimanjaro region, we have become a recognized leader here.