We need your Help.

TAFCOM (Tanzanian Organization Facilitating Community Development Projects)

There are many ways to get involved and help TAFCOM with its mission and current initiatives. TAFCOM, which stands for Tanzanian Organization Facilitating Community Development Projects, looks to assist the community in any way possible. We welcome fresh ideas and new initiatives. Below are some ways that people have got involved in the past and current projects we need assistance with.

Please feel free to browse through and click on the title for specific opportunities or contact us for questions.

Give a Little. Change a Lot.

Get Involved To Make the World a Better Place


Monetary donations allow TAFCOM to continue and grow its current projects, and also launch new initiatives.

Donate Supplies

Clothes, Learning Supplies, Teaching Supplies, Sewing Equipment and Materials, Medical Supplies, Computer Equipment, Office Supplies.


Become part of the TAFCOM family and help build a brighter future for tomorrow.


Nobody Can Do Everything, Everyone Can Do Something