TAFCOM (Tanzanian Organization Facilitating Community Development Projects)

TAFCOM strongly supports the financial independence of its clients by providing micro-credit for small-scale business start-up.

TAFCOM’s micro-credit programs involve entrepreneurship training to vulnerable groups, where clients are taught how to run their own businesses, how to administrate their funds and how to organise their activities in a profitable way. TAFCOM also provides a counselling service which allows professional analyses of its clients’ business plans prior to the concession of the credit.

Clients are encouraged to devise their own business ideas so that they adapt their entrepreneurial activities to their own capacities and circumstances.

This project is incorporated into the home-based care program. In fact, most of the families who benefit from TAFCOM’s micro-credit scheme come from this program. One of the issues that TAFCOM needs to address in relation to small business support is that of the health of its clients.