Kathryn, 2009

TAFCOM completely changed me. Nie and Jonas are the most amazing people with huge hearts, who truly want to make a change. I had always heard the stories about how people live in these unimaginable circumstances, but it never really hit home with me until I worked with TAFCOM. I felt like while working for this program I was actually making a change in these people’s lives. We organized a fundraiser while I was there. We sold skirts and purses that the women’s tailoring group made, drawings that the children’s school made, and vendors sold art and jewelery. We made house calls to the sick, bringing food, soap and anything else that they may need. I felt like this was the most rewarding part, seeing how grateful people are for the little things that I take for granted everyday. I went to TAFCOM school a few days. We brought sidewalk chalk and the kids went crazy over it. Working for TAFCOM was truly a life altering experience that I will value the rest of my life!

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