Megan, 2008/2010

Tanzania and TAFCOM showed me what life is really about and I am so happy to share that with anyone who will listen.  Tanzania and TAFCOM changed my life for the better.  I first traveled to Tanzania in the summer of 2008.  I was teaching at a local nursery school and a friend, who was volunteering with TAFCOM, invited me to come with her one day.  I was excited to see another part of Moshi and by the end of the day we had completed 5 home visits, shed many tears, and I had adopted a family.

My love for the country and my little African family convinced me to return in the summer of 2010. I taught nursery school and spent most of my other time with my girls I had adopted, making home and hospital visits with Nie, helping organize and execute a fundraiser for TAFCOM, and becoming more and more attached to my “African Family”, Nie and Jonas, and the work TAFCOM was completing. After 9 weeks I had to return home and on my last tearful visit my family presented me with a Kanga but the greatest gift of all was when I heard the next 3 words. “Nakupenda Dada Megan”-I love you sister Megan.

I have never met more selfless people as Nie and Jonas who are willing to sell their only car to give a home to orphans, or share their lives and love with other families.  TAFCOM doesn’t just support these families….they give these people a sense of purpose and self worth which allow so many families to become self sufficient.

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